Dino’s Dying Days


Brontosaurusvery interesting article appeared recently in the Huffington Post regarding the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 to 66 million years ago.

The current most popular hypothesis is that a comet hit the Yucatan peninsula, with the ensuing world wide cloud cover causing a sort of  “nuclear winter” leading to the “warm Earth loving” dinosaurs’ collective demise.

Now comes the well-respected Harvard based astrophysicist Lisa Randall, who suggests that our beloved dinos “done died” because of an intersection of our solar system with a relatively “dark matter dense” part of the Milky Way galaxy situated in the galaxy’s orbital mid-plane.  This intersection caused a dislodging of a comet from the Oort Cloud, and its subsequent less than auspicious meeting with Mother Earth.

Click on the picture above to learn about Dino the Dinosaur, not to be confused with Fred Flintstone’s lovable pet.