Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla

220px-Tesla_circa_1890Today is Nikola Tesla‘s birthday, 159 in total, not counting the day he was born.

I have been interested in Mr. Tesla’s accomplishments ever since a student brought a Tesla coil to class and proceeded to illuminate  a flourescent light bulb through the radiant energy of the coil’s electromagnetic field.

In honor of Mr. Tesla’s birthday, the Huffpost featured an article about a prescient interview given by Tesla to Colliers magazine in the year 1926.

In the article, Mr. Tesla predicts the ascendancy of women to equal and then dominant stature in western society (we’re getting there).

He also predicted the internet, the smartphone, the demise of the printed newspaper, the ascendancy of electric vehicles, and (possibly as well) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones.

Shortly after he died, Tesla was recognized by the US Supreme Court as the rightful inventor of radio transmission.  As such, Tesla is greatly admired by the ham radio operator community.

There is some speculation that Tesla discovered X-Ray imaging shortly before Roentgen.

The SI (metric) unit of magnetic flux density (magnetic induction) is named after Tesla.

You can learn more about Nikola Tesla by reading Margaret Cheney’s biography of him.


Author: Bob Mahoney

Physics teacher

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