Orbs Schmorbs

OrbsI’m getting a little tired of people claiming that orb artifacts in digital camera photos are actual images of otherwise invisible spirits.  How can a camera, designed only to pick up visible light, see ghost orbs, whereas the people in the pictures cannot?  Well, here is a tentative explanation, courtesy of the website skeptoid.

Now for my spooky story!


When I was a kid, I had the bad habit of not watching where I was walking.  It was sometime around 1958, and I was walking along Rosemont Avenue in Chicago.

There was a construction crew laying in a new main sewer pipe.  I was looking at that, and then at the ground, as I started to cross Maplewood Avenue.  From the rear I heard someone yell “Watch out!”, so I looked to my right to see a car coming north on Maplewood.  I thought to myself, “Oh, I see the car, so I won’t get hit.”

It was then that a hand literally grabbed my right shoulder and firmly pulled me back towards the curb.  I looked over my right shoulder and there was no one there, but I could see about 20 feet behind me a construction worker running towards me with his hand stretched out, as if trying to grab my shoulder.  He ran up to me and I said to him “Thanks for pulling me back from being hit by the car!”  He said “I didn’t do that!”  I said “Well someone did, anyways thanks a lot!”, and went on my merry way.

Author: Bob Mahoney

Physics teacher

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